Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award 2019

Congratulations to Prof. Gordon Cheng and his Japanese collaborators for receiving the Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award 2019 from the Robotics Society of Japan for their paper: Dynamic motion learning for multi-DOF flexible-joint robots using active-passive motor babbling...[more]


Final Presentation "RoboCup Humanoid"

This summer semester, the students of the Projektpraktikum "Humanoid Robocup" worked on topics related to the SPL (Standard Platform League) contest (such as odometry, strategy, or locomotion). The projects presented focused on robust ball detection, obstacle detection...[more]


Paper accepted to Humanoids 2019

Congratulations to Taisuke Kobayashi, Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Julio Rogelio Guadarrama-Olvera, Florian Bergner and Gordon Cheng! Their paper "Multi-Contacts Force-Reactive Walking Control during Physical Human-Humanoid Interaction" has been accepted to the 2019 IEEE-RAS...[more]


Final Presentation RoboCup@Home course

Here are some pictures of the final presentations from the students of the RoboCup@Home class, summer semester 2019. The three teams had different tasks: Flowerfanggirl: "Tidy up there" Challenge from the 2018 World Robot Summit rule book. The robot tidies up a...[more]


Final presentation "Biologically-inspired Learing"

At the end of the term, the students of the lecture on “Biologically-inspired Learning for Humanoid Robots” presented their final projects. Their task was to program a Nao robot to learn to kick a ball at a soccer goal. The robot learned the task through reinforcement learning,...[more]