ICS Research Seminar on "Online distributed streaming machine learning"

In the next ICS Research Seminar, Dr. Cristian Axenie will talk about: "Online distributed streaming machine learning: Big Data, Fast Data, All Data" Abstract: Traditional machine learning algorithms are designed to work on a fixed amount of data. This data is...[more]


ICS Research seminar on July 7, 2017

The next ICS Research seminar will cover several presentations from members of the Tokyo Institute of Technology: - Dr. Koichi Suzumori: Thin Artificial Muscle Pioneering New Robotics - Dr. Gen End: Tendon-driven robots using synthetic fiber ropes and their applications -...[more]


1st Workshop on the "Development of the Self" at IEEE ICDL-EPIROB 2017

The 1st workshop on the "Development of the Self from self-perception to interaction under uncertainty" will take place on 18 of September 2017, at the 7th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics in Lisbon, Portugal....[more]


Prof. Someya new TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow

The ICS welcomes Prof. Takao Someya as a new TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow! We are happy to host Prof. Someya during his visits in Munich over the next couple of years. In spring 2017, Prof. Someya was awarded a TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship. This is  only...[more]


ICS participates in newly-funded SFB

On July 1, 2017 was the official start of the EASE project - a collaborative research center (SFB-Sonderforschungsbereich), which is coordinated by University of Bremen, coordinated by Prof. Michael Beetz. The interdisciplinary research center investigates everyday activity...[more]