Congratulations to Dr. Mohsen Kaboli!

We congratulate our colleague Mohsen Kaboli for successfully defending his PhD thesis today! Well done - congratulation! [more]


Paper now availalbe online

The paper "Hierarchical Force and Positioning Task Specification for Indirect Force Controlled Robots" by Ewald Lutscher, Emmanuel C. Dean-León and Gordon Cheng, IEEE Transactions on Robotics is now available online:[more]


Paper now availalbe online

The paper "Effects of short-term piano training on measures of finger tapping, somatosensory perception and motor-related brain activity in patients with cerebral palsy" by Ana Alves-Pinto, Stefan Ehrlich, Gordon Cheng, Varvara Turova, Tobias Blumenstein, and Renée...[more]


Paper presentation at Humanoids conference

Our colleagues will present their paper on "Tactile-Based Object Center of Mass Exploration and Discrimination" on Friday November 17, 2017 at the IEEE Humanoids Conference in Birmingham/UK. 17:50-18:00 Paper FrES.3 "Tactile-Based Object Center of Mass...[more]


2 open Hiwi positions at ICS

Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w) für Inventur gesucht: Einpflegen von Daten Der Lehrstuhl für Kognitive Systeme sucht eine studentische Hilfskraft (m/w) für die Inventur am Lehrstuhl Du solltest: • gute Kenntnisse in PHP, MS Excel, MySQL, Android haben • zuverlässig und...[more]