New PhD position open

We are hiring a PHD student for the following position: PhD Position (TVL E13, 75%) in Printable, Flexible and Stretchable Artificial Electronic Skin for Robots, Prostheses and Monitoring at Technical University of Munich and the University of Tokyo, Japan The full job...[more]


IEEE Early Access Articles online

The paper "A Tactile-based Framework for Active Object Learning and Discrimination using Multi-modal Robotic Skin" by Mohsen Kaboli, Di Feng, Kunpeng Yao, Pablo Lanillos, Gordon Cheng has been published as an IEEE Early Access Articles for the IEEE Robotics and...[more]


New video online

On our YouTube Channel is a new video media attachment to the conference paper: "A Scalable Method for Multi-Stage Developmental Learning for Reaching". Wolfgang Burger*, Erhard Wieser*, Emmanuel Dean-Leon, and Gordon Cheng. It will be presented at the IEEE...[more]


ICS Research Seminar on "Online distributed streaming machine learning"

In the next ICS Research Seminar, Dr. Cristian Axenie will talk about: "Online distributed streaming machine learning: Big Data, Fast Data, All Data" Abstract: Traditional machine learning algorithms are designed to work on a fixed amount of data. This data is...[more]


ICS Research seminar on July 7, 2017

The next ICS Research seminar will cover several presentations from members of the Tokyo Institute of Technology: - Dr. Koichi Suzumori: Thin Artificial Muscle Pioneering New Robotics - Dr. Gen End: Tendon-driven robots using synthetic fiber ropes and their applications -...[more]