5 ICRA papers accepted

We are happy to announce that the following papers have been accepted for ICRA conference 2017: - Florian Bergner, Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Gordon Cheng: Efficient Event-Based Reactive Skin Control using Large Scale Artificial Robotic Skin. - Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Brennand Pierce,...[more]


Article in "Faszination Forschung" on Prof. Cheng's work

 In the new issue of TUM's magazine "Faszination Forschung" there is an article on the work of Prof. Cheng starting on page 100. It's called "From Aid to Empowerment" - enjoy! Faszination Forschung, Edition 19 (2016) [more]


Prof. Cheng on radio station Deutschlandfunk

The German Radio station Deutschlandfunk broadcasted a piece on Virtual Reality after Christmas, which also includes an interview with Prof. Cheng. The piece is only available in German:...[more]


ICS Research Seminar on "Self-organization of behavior in autonomous robot development"

"Self-organization of behavior in autonomous robot development" by Dr. Georg Martius, IST-Fellow at Institute of Science and Technology Austria    Abstract: I am studying the question how robots can autonomously develop skills. Considering children, it...[more]


Prof. Cheng named IEEE Fellow 2017

It is our pleasure to announce that Prof. Gordon Cheng has been named IEEE Fellow 2017. Prof. Gordon Cheng, Chair for Cognitive Systems at Technical University of Munich, has been named an IEEE Fellow. Prof. Cheng is being recognized "for contributions in humanoid...[more]