Final Presentation RoboCup@Home course

Here are some pictures of the final presentations from the students of the RoboCup@Home class, summer semester 2019. The three teams had different tasks: Flowerfanggirl: "Tidy up there" Challenge from the 2018 World Robot Summit rule book. The robot tidies up a...[more]


Final presentation "Biologically-inspired Learing"

At the end of the term, the students of the lecture on “Biologically-inspired Learning for Humanoid Robots” presented their final projects. Their task was to program a Nao robot to learn to kick a ball at a soccer goal. The robot learned the task through reinforcement learning,...[more]


CyberTUM-team is getting ready

The student initiative "CyberTUM" at the Technical University of Munich is working in neuroengineering and assistive robotics. The team is preparing their application to the CyberLimb project in the 2020 CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis competition and to the CereBro project...[more]


Final presentation in the course "Biosignal Processing and Modelling"

Congratulations to all students of the course "Biosignal Processing and Modelling" on their success! In total 5 teams (each of 3-4 students) have worked on their final projects during the last months and successfully developed a brain-computer interface using a...[more]


Student presentations in "Humanoid Cognitive Reasonnig"

At the end of the semester, the students of the course Humanoid Cognitive Reasoning presented their final projects. Team Construction Helper: The goal of this project was for the NAO to help people during the construction process of various objects. During the learning...[more]