ICS at Bavaria's council for future economic development

The Bavarian industry association (vbw) is organizing a council to discuss the most important technological trends in order to give industry insight into these trends. This event took place on July 8, 2015 in Munich. ICS was invite to show some of its robotic research. Mohsen...[more]


ICS Research seminar on "CROPS - Manipulators for intelligent harvesting"

In the next ICS Research Seminar Christoph Schütz, Institute of Applied Mechanics at TUM, will talk about "CROPS - Manipulators for intelligent harvesting" on 15. July 2015 at 10:45h in the ICS media room, Karlstr. 45, 2nd floor Abstract: While automation and...[more]


Workshop Sensor Technologies & the Human Experience

Both Prof. Gordon Cheng and Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska will participate in the workshop "Sensor Technologies & the Human Experience" organized by Prof. Klaus Mainzer (TUM) & Kathleen Eggleson, PhD (University of Notre Dame/USA). As sensor technologies become...[more]


ICS Research Seminar

The next ICS Research Seminar will be tomorrow on "Lola, the humanoid Robot of the Institute of Applied Mechanics" 1. July 2015, 10:45 h Place: ICS media room, Karlstr. 45, 2nd floor Presenter: Prof. Daniel Rixen Robert Wittman, Arne Hildebrandt, Daniel...[more]


New publication

"Herbert: Design and Realisation of an full-sized anthropometrically correct humanoid robot", by Brennand Pierce, Gordon Cheng was published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI, section Humanoid Robotics. The online publication can be read here. [more]