Visit of winning school classes

The picture shows the winning class from the Leonardo-da-Vinci-School, one of three winners from our drawing competition.

Last Wednesday was the last visit of the winners of our drawing competition! We had a lot of fun showing our robots to the pupils from 3 elementary schools from the Munich area and hope that the kids enjoyed the visits as much as we did. We are also looking forward to the next...[more]


New publication in Journal KI online

Congratulations to Karinne Ramírez-Amaro, Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Florian Bergner and Gordon Cheng. Their paper "A Semantic-Based Method for Teaching Industrial Robots New Tasks" has been published in the Journal KI - Künstliche Intelligenz. Ramirez-Amaro, K.,...[more]


Videos of student presentation online

The videos of the student projects in the lecture "Humanoid Robotic Systems" are now on our YouTube channel. Enjoy watching them: Nao climbing stairs: Let's play basketball: Nao way:...[more]


Student presentation RoboCup Soccer

The objective this semester's RoboCup soccer course was to achieve an embryonic game, in which the robots are able to communicate with each other via Wifi and to coordinate themselves according to a pre-defined game strategy. Consequently, in addition to the inevitable...[more]


New publication online in PLoS ONE

Congratulations to Stefan Ehrlich and Gordon Cheng as well as their collaborators from Singapore! Their paper "A closed-loop, music-based brain-computer interface for emotion mediation" has been published in PLoS ONE. Ehrlich SK, Agres KR, Guan C, Cheng G: A...[more]