Publication online available

Congratulations to Zied Tayeb, Gordon Cheng and their collaborators, their paper "Gumpy: a python toolbox suitable for hybrid brain-computer interfaces", is available online in the Journal of Neural Engineering.[more]


Publication in Journal of Neural Engineering available

Congratulations to Stefan Ehrlich and Gordon Cheng! Their paper on "Human-agent co-adaptation using error-related potentials" is now available online in the Journal of Neural Engineering.[more]


Keynote at RO-MAN Conference 2018

Prof. Gordon Cheng will be one of the keynote speakers at the 27th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), which will take place from 27 - 31 of August 2018 in Nanjing/China.[more]


Lecture Humanoid Cognitive Reasoning: final project video

This video explains the final project results from the RIO team as part of the lecture Humanoid Cognitive Reasoning during the summer semester 2018 (it is better to enable sound). RIO stands for Robot Item Organizer and it was presented by the students Stephan Reith, Hosein...[more]


Final presentations in Humanoid Cognitive Reasoning lecture

This video presents the results obtained from the lecture Humanoid Cognitive Reasoning (better watch with sound). This team presented the project "Pick The Odd One Out" by Enrico Mattioli and Maximilian Diehl. The goal of the project consists that the NAO robot should...[more]