Introductory Meeting for Wintersemester 2016/17

On Monday October 17, 2016 all courses offered by ICS in the upcoming winter semester will be introduced in an introductory meeting. 13:30-14:15 Introduction to Hauptseminar and Projektpraktikum Kognitive Systeme 14:00-15:00 Introduction to Projektpraktikum Humanoid RoboCup...[more]


Presentation at IROS 2016

Florian Bergner will present a paper on "Event-Based Signaling for Large-Scale Artificial Robotic Skin - Realization and Performance Evaluation" by  Florian Bergner, Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Gordon Cheng in the session on Tactile sensing at IROS 2016. His...[more]


7 Paper accepted for Humanoids conference

We are pleased to announce that the following papers of our chair were accepted for the 2016 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots: - Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Karinne Ramirez-Amaro, Florian Bergner, Gordon Cheng: "Transforming Multi-modal Tactile Events into a...[more]


IEEE ICDL-EpiRob Award for best presentation

We are pleased to announced that our colleagues Pablo Lanillos, Emmanuel Dean and Gordon Cheng received the award for the distinguished oral presentation at the Sixth Joint IEEE International Conference "Developmental Learning and Epigenetic Robotic" in Paris....[more]


New article on ICS research in VDI Nachrichten

here is a new article on the artificial robotic skin "Laufen lernen mit Neuroengineering" from the VDI-Nachrichten, one of the leading magazines for German engineers. (only in German) [more]