Call for submissions IROS Workshop

The new extended the deadline for abstract submissions  for the one full day workshop on "Semantic Policy and Action Representations for Autonomous Robots (SPAR)" as part of the IROS17 conference is 12th August 2017! For more information, please take a look at the...[more]


Final presentations of Bio-Signal Processing course

The students of the course of “Projektpraktikum Biosignal Processing and Modeling” presented their final projects last week. This year, a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) challenge was conducted: the task was to develop a functioning Brain-Computer Interface to steer a mobile...[more]


Best Scientific Poster Award for RoboCup@Home Team

The team ALLE@Home participated for the first time in the RoboCup@Home competition, at the ROBOCUp@Home Open Platform league. The team won the "Best Scientific Poster" of the whole RoboCup@Home leagues (with more than 30 teams across all leagues), which is a great...[more]


Final presentation "Projektpraktikum Humanoid RoboCup"

The students of the course of “Projektpraktikum Introduction Lab Humanoid RoboCup” presented their final projects this week. Their task was to improve the state-of-the-art self-localization methods for the soccer playing robots as well as, dynamic kicking, defending, and passing...[more]


Final presentation "Biologically-inspired learning for Humanoid Robots" course

At the end of term, the students of the lecture on “Biologically-inspired Learning for Humanoid Robots” presented their final projects. Their task was to program a Nao robot to learn to kick a ball in order to score a goal. The robot learned this task through reinforcement...[more]