Two papers accepted for ICRA2014

Congratulations to Ewald Lutscher, Andreas Holzbach and Gordon Cheng together having two papers accepted to the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2014), Hong Kong, China. [more]


Biological Cybernetics journal paper accepted

Congratulations to John Nassour and Gordon Cheng having their paper: "Multi-Layered Multi-Pattern CPG for Adaptive Locomotion of Humanoid Robots" accepted to Journal: Biological Cybernetics. [more]


Willumeit-Stiftung Award for ICS student

Congratulations to Fabian Gerlinghaus for being awarded the Willumeit-Stiftung Preis for his work on "Development of a Robotic Desk Lamp with an Emotional Body Language". [more]


Kurt Fischer Diplomanden Preis for Stefan Ehrlich

Congratulations to Stefan Ehrlich for being awarded the Kurt Fischer Diplomanden Preis (Award) for his Master thesis work on "EEG emotion recognition and affective music BCI". [more]


Travel Grant Support for Karinne Ramirez Amaro

Congratulations to Karinne Ramirez Amaro for being awarded the Dr. Kanako Miura Travel Grant to support her to present her paper at Humanoids 2013 in Atlanta. [more]