Five papers accepted to Humanoids2011

Congratulations to Marcia Riley, Philipp Mittendorfer, Erhard Wieser, Brennand Pierce, Takaaki Kuratate, Federico Ruiz, Michael Beetz and Gordon Cheng together having five papers, which was accepted to the IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Bled, Slovenia,...[more]


AVSP2011 paper accepted

Congratulations to Takaaki Kuratate, Brennand Pierce and Gordon Cheng for their paper: "Mask-bot - a life-size talking head animated robot for AV speech and human-robot communication research", which was accepted to the International Conference on Auditory-Visual...[more]


FET Flagship initiative "Robot Companions for Citizens"

ICS is part of a consortium to seek 1 billion euros for cross-multi-disciplines robotics research. As reported by Nature in an article. More details on [more]


BionicRobotsWorkshop 2011 paper accepted

Congratulations to John Nassour, Patrick Heaff, Fathi Ben Ouezdou and Gordon Cheng for their paper: "Bipedal Locomotion Control with Rhythmic Neural Circuits", which was accepted to the International workshop on Bio-Inspired Robots(2011), to be presented in Nantes,...[more]


HRI2011 paper accepted

Congratulations to Marcia Riley and Gordon Cheng for their paper: "Generalizing Behavior Obtained from Sparse Demonstration", which was accepted to 2011 Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2011). [more]