ICS Research Seminar on"Visuo-tactile servoing controller for robot’s interaction manipulation"


The next ICS Research Seminar is on  "Visuo-tactile servoing controller for robot’s interaction manipulation" by Dr. Qiang Li, Bielefeld University.

Abstract: In order to autonomously work in an unstructured environment, robots have to employ their perception capabilities and robust controllers to realize the safe interaction with external environment. In this talk, I will focus on the vision and tactile sensing and integrate them into a general multi-modality closed-loop controller to implement lots of common contact-based learning and manipulation tasks. The whole talk is composed by two sub-topics: Sub-topic 1: a general tactile servoing controller for exploring unknown objects, robot’s self-calibration and learning to use a grasped tool. Sub-topic 2: a visuo-tactile servoing controller for unknown object’s in-hand manipulation.  

Short Bio: Qiang Li received his PhD in Pattern Recognition and Intelligence Systems from Shenyang Institute of Automation(SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2010. In Oct,2009, he was awarded the Honda Research Institute stipend and started his postdoctoral researching at CoR-Lab of Bielefeld University. Currently, he is a Scientific Researcher in neuroinformatics group at Bielefeld University. His research interest include: dexterous manipulation of multifingered robot hand, visuo-tactile-force servo control, multi-modality feedback based robot self-calibration, mobile robot navigation and control and optimal parameter estimation based on filter theory.    

On March 10, 2017, 10:00 h

ICS Karlstraße 45, 2. Floor, Seminar room 2026