Apply for THINK. MAKE. START. by February 11, 2019!


THINK. MAKE. START.  is a unique combination of top academic learning and real-life experience THINK. MAKE. START. is a 2-week lab course running at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) twice a year in both Spring and Fall semesters which is hosted together with our partner UnternehmerTUM GmbH.

It is a project-based course, which translates to an academic load of 168 hours. For each project, a team consists of 4-5 master students with optimal skill. Teams are formed within the first days of the course. Teams typically contain Business Design & Marketing, Software-, a Hardware Developer and a Problem Expert. Each Team gets a Mentor which guides them and helps during the journey. With the support of specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, lectures on the best methodologies to assess technologies, validate markets, prototype… the teams create a minimum viable product and lay the foundation to start a business. Teams that want to continue their projects can do so in the Startup Ecosystem of Munich. Together with UnternehmerTUM the teams get access to prototyping grants, incubators and financing.

For applying please got to: