CyberTUM-team is getting ready


CyberTum team members in discussion with supervisor Zied Tayeb.

Recording brain signals is an essential part of the work of the CyberTum team.

Team member using a wireless arm band for muscle activity recording. We have developed a special paradigm to train amputees to activate their muscles to control a prosthesis (a virtual prosthetic arm is shown on the screen). All pictures: Fabian Vogl / TUM

The student initiative "CyberTUM" at the Technical University of Munich is working in neuroengineering and assistive robotics. The team is preparing their application to the CyberLimb project in the 2020 CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis competition and to the CereBro project to participate in the 2020 CYBATHLON BCI competition. In order to prepare, some team members will participate in a workshop held in Belgrad on novel approaches in EEG in September. Here they will learn the latest methods of EEG signal processing, which will be demonstrated by international experts in practical hands-on sessions. Here are some impressions of their work. 

More information on the team is available on the team's website:

The team is supervised by the TUM professors Prof. Cheng and Prof. Haddadin.