Guadarrama Olvera, Julio Rogelio

Picture of Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera

M.Sc. Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera

Chair of Cognitive Systems (Prof. Cheng)

Postal address

Karlstraße 45/II
80333 München

Research Interests

Short Bio

In 2011, I awarded a Bachelor's degree in mechatronic engineering from The Interdisciplinary Professional Unit on Engineering and Advanced Technologies of the National Polytechnic Institute, located in Mexico City. After that I obtained a Master's degree from The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, also in Mexico City. During my master, I worked under the advisory of Dr. Rafael Castro and Dr. Hugo Rodríguez on non-linear real-time control applied on a quadcopter. From 2013 to 2015 I worked for the pipeline integrity analisys group of The Higher Education School of Chemical Engineering and Extractive Industries as the head of the robotics department. During that period I worked on magnetic-wheeled inspection robots and aerial photogrametry. In 2016, I joined ICS to pursue a Doctoral degree, mainly working on sensor based locomotion for humanoid robots on complex environments.


  • non-linear control
  • perception
  • robotics



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