Jasmin Kajopoulos

Picture of Jasmin Isabella Kajopoulos

M.Sc. Jasmin Isabella Kajopoulos

Research Interests

My background is in Biology (B.Sc.) and Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (M.Sc.). I have worked in the field of human-robot interaction with a focus on non-verbal behavior. 

My Research Interests

  • Human-robot social interaction
    • Non-verbal behavior
    • Underlying brain correlates
    • Comparison to human-human interaction
  • Acceptance of robotics in different cultures
    • Cultural differences & similarities of non-verbal behavior
    • Implementation of culture specific non-verbal behavior into robotics
  • Robots as assistive tools for the elderly
    • How to raise acceptance of social robotics
    • Possibilities of robotic assistance
    • Robots to prolong autonomy
    • Robots as a preventive measure against cognitive decline