New videos of student's final projects online

The student's of the RoboCup@Home class(Winter semester 2018/19) shared the videos of their final presentations. Robot TiaGo had to do some household chores, like opening a drawer and grasping an object. Here are the links to the videos:...[mehr]


Research Seminar on "SELFCEPTION: neuro-inspired robotic body perception and action"

"SELFCEPTION: neuro-inspired robotic body perception and action" by Dr. Pablo Lanillos, Chair for Cognitive Systems/TUM. Abstract: Unlike robots, humans learn, adapt and perceive their body as a unity during interaction with the environment. To enable robots with the...[mehr]


Kick-off meeting Hauptseminar and Projektpraktikum

The kick-off meeting for Hauptseminar and Projektpraktikum will take place on 24th of April 2019 at 16:45 to 18:30h in room 2026 in Karlstr. 45, 2nd floor. All interested students are welcome![mehr]


Event KI für den Mittelstand

Experts agree that artificial intelligence will be as disruptive as electricity or the Internet. But what does this mean for you and your medium-sized company? Which use cases are really relevant for you? And what do you have to do to actually implement them? We would like to...[mehr]


Visit of winning school classes

The picture shows the winning class from the Leonardo-da-Vinci-School, one of three winners from our drawing competition.

Last Wednesday was the last visit of the winners of our drawing competition! We had a lot of fun showing our robots to the pupils from 3 elementary schools from the Munich area and hope that the kids enjoyed the visits as much as we did. We are also looking forward to the next...[mehr]