Publication online available

The following publication is available online: Mohsen Kaboli and Gordon Cheng, "Robust Tactile Descriptors for Discriminating Objects From Textural Properties via Artificial Robotic Skin," in IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Volume: PP, Issue: 99.  doi:...[mehr]


Student presentations from the lecture "Humanoid Sensors and Actuators"

Presentation of student projects for the lecture "Humanoid Sensors and Actuators" of summer semester 2018. This year, the students were particularly productive, going so far as to develop, build, and control their own robotic systems. The results were just amazing. [mehr]


Student presentations "Biosignal Processing and Modeling"

The students of the course of “Projektpraktikum Biosignal Processing and Modeling” presented their final projects last week. A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) challenge was conducted: the task was to develop a functioning Brain-Computer Interface to steer a mobile track robot...[mehr]


ICS Research Seminar on "3D Reconstruction and Understanding of the Real World"

ICS Research Seminar on "3D Reconstruction and Understanding of the Real World" by Prof. Matthias Nießner, Visual Computing Group, TUM Abstract: In this talk, I will cover our latest research on 3D reconstruction and semantic scene understanding. To this end, we use...[mehr]


Final presentations from Biologically-inspired learning for Humanoid Robots class

The students of the lecture on “Biologically-inspired Learning for Humanoid Robots” presented their final projects at the beginning of July. Each group had to program a Nao robot and taught the robot how to kick a ball in order to score a goal. The robot learned this task...[mehr]