Paper for ICOT 2017 accepted

Congratulations to our colleagues Stefan Ehrich and Gordon Cheng and Cuntai Guan (Nanyang Technological University/NTU, Singapore): their paper "A closed-loop Brain-Computer Music Interface for continuous affective interaction" was accepted to the International...[mehr]


Kick-off meeting for Humanoid RoboCup classes on October 23

The kick-off meeting for the Projektpraktikum Introduction Lab Humanoid RoboCup course will take place on Monday 23rd of October at 11:30h and the Projektpraktikum Advanced Lab Humanoid RoboCup course will be on Monday 23rd of October at 14:30 in both in room -1009...[mehr]


New video online

This video shows the performance of our team Alle@Home during the RoboCup@Home Open platform league for the task "Help me carry", in Nagoya, 2017. During this test, the robot needs to help the operator to carry the groceries from the car to the kitchen. First, the...[mehr]


Paper accepted for Neurotechnix 2017

Congratulations to our colleagues Stefan Ehrlich and Gordon Cheng, their paper - together with Ana Alves Pinto, and Renée Lampe both from the Orthopedic Department, TUM's Klinikum Rechts der Isar- ''A simple and practical sensorimotor EEG device for recording in patients...[mehr]


New journal paper

Congratulations to our colleagues Emmanuel Dean, Karinne Ramírez Amaro, Florian Bergner, Ilya Dianov, and Gordon Cheng. Their paper "Integration of Robotic Technologies for Rapidly Deployable Robots" was accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial...[mehr]