ICS Research Seminar on "Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces for Intelligent Neuroprostheses"

ICS Research Seminar on: Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces for Intelligent Neuroprostheses by Zied Tayeb, TUM/Neuroscientific System Theory Abstract: A neuroprosthesis is a device that has an interface with the nervous system and supplements or substitutes functionality in the...[mehr]


ICS Research Seminar with Dr. Olivier Stasse

ICS Research Seminar by Dr. Olivier Stasse (CNRS, France): Using a Memory of Motion to Efficiently Warm-Start a Nonlinear Predictive Controller Abstract: Predictive control is an efficient model-based methodology to control complex dynamical systems. In general, it boils down...[mehr]


Paper at ICRA accepted

Congratulations to Gordon Cheng and our former colleague Ryo Wakatabe: their paper was accepted at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), which will be in May 2018 in Brisbane, Australia! Ryo Wakatabe, Kohei Morita, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Gordon...[mehr]


We are hiring a Technician for Mechatronics

The Chair for Cognitive Systems offers the following position from 01.03.2018 for the duration of maternity leave Technician for Mechatronics (part time/full time, M/F) for our electrical/mechanical workshop. The position is limited until 31.05.2019 Your Job description:...[mehr]


Drawing competition for children

We would like to thank all of the children who send us pictures for the third drawing competition "If I had a robot..."!The winners will be announced in February. Herzlichen Dank an alle Grundschüler, die uns Bilder für den Malwettbewerb "Wenn ich einen...[mehr]