Prof. Cheng at Togetthere-Xperience

The art museum Pinakothek der Moderne has its 15th anniversary this year and therefore, on October 8th, 2017 is a special event called Togetthere-Xperience willt ake place. Speakers from different backgrounds will talk about important topics of your time, among also Prof....[mehr]


New journal publication

Congratulations to our colleagues! Their paper "Active Tactile Transfer Learning for Object Discrimination in an Unstructured Environment using Multimodal Robotic Skin", Mohsen Kaboli, Di Feng, and Gordon Cheng was accepted in the International Journal of...[mehr]


New video

We have a new video on our YouTubeChannel: This video belongs to the paper "A Tactile-Based Framework for Active Object Learning and Discrimination Using Multi-Modal Robotic Skin" by Mohsen Kaboli, Di Feng, Kunpeng Yao, Pablo Lanillos,...[mehr]


Talk about "Soft Humanoid Robots"

"Soft Humanoid Robots" by Prof. Koh Hosoda, Osaka University/Japan and TUM Visiting Professor 10:00h on October 6, 2017 at room 2026, Karlstr. 45 A human can exhibit intelligent behavior. Yet, we do not completely understand the mechanism how the behavior emerges....[mehr]


Workshop "Beyond Interdisciplinarity in Engineering and Social Sciences"

Beyond Interdisciplinarity in Engineering and Social Sciences This workshop presents the motivation, examples and reflective exercises for doing collaborative research that involves engineering and social sciences. Thus, the workshop prepares the participants to see beyond...[mehr]