Videos of final presentations online

The videos of the demonstrations from the student course "Humanoid Robotic Systems" are online now on our YouTube channel.[mehr]


Final Presentations Humanoid Robotic Systems course

Today, the students of the course "Humanoid Robotic Systems" had the presentations of their final projects. It was lots of fun watching the Nao robots perform all different kinds of tasks: playing Tic-Tac-Toe, extinguishing (imaginary) fires, playing the xylophone,...[mehr]


ICRA paper accepted

We are happy to announce that the paper "Robotic Hands Learn To Re-use The Past Experience To Discriminate In-Hand Objects From The Surface Textures Properties" by Mohsen Kaboli, Rich Walker and Gordon Cheng got accepted for ICRA 2016. [mehr]


ICS Research Seminar on Learning "Motion Manifolds with the Convolutional Autoencoders"

Dr. Taku Komura, School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh will talk about "Learning Motion Manifolds with the Convolutional Autoencoders /  Learning an Inverse Rig Mapping for Character Animation", in the ICS research seminar.   ...[mehr]


Article about Prof. Cheng in Süddeutsche Zeitung

In an article published at Süddeutsche Zeitung today, Prof. Cheng explains his favorite piece of art at the museum Pinakothek der Moderne. The article is only available in German:[mehr]