New video online

We put a new video only on our YouTube channel. IT shows our robot TOMM that is sorting oranges at the IROS conference 2015 in Hamburg, which took place from September 29- October 1, 2015. Robot TOMM that is able to sort oranges. The oranges are sorted by their quality. The...[mehr]


Two new journal papers accepted

We have two new journal papers accepted: "Humanoids Learn Touch Modalities Identification via Multi-Modal Robotic Skin and Robust Tactile Descriptors" by Mohsen Kaboli, Alex Long, and Gordon Cheng, Advanced Robotics, 2015.  Link to paper.     "New...[mehr]


Presentation at Humanoids 2015

At the IEEE International Conference on Humanoids 2015 in Seoul Korea, Mohsen Kaboli will present a paper on "In-Hand Object Recognition Via Texture Properties with Robotic Hands, Artificial Skin, and Novel Tactile Descriptors" by Mohsen Kaboli, De La Rosa T Armando,...[mehr]


ICS Research Seminar

"Designing an Artificial Attention System for Social Robots" by Dr. Pablo Lanillos    An overarching framework implementing artificial attention is presented, designed to fulfill the requirements of social interaction (i.e., reciprocity, and awareness),...[mehr]


Newsletter Contest online

CONTEST (Collaborative Network for Training in Electronic Skin Technology) is an EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network. This multi-site network comprises of 9 internationally reputed research teams (7 partners and 2 associate partners from 4 countries ) from academia,...[mehr]