Interview with Prof Cheng online

At a recent visit at the robotics company PAL Robotics in Barcelona, Prof. Cheng was interviewed by them. The video of the interview is now online:[mehr]


ICS participated in the orientation program offered by TUM called "studium MINT"

 The "studium MINT", an orientation program offer by TUM, offers students several insights in a number of events organized in one semester which help future students to make the right choice on what to study. Specially, this program help students to decide which...[mehr]


Key note talk by Prof. Cheng at Big Techday

Prof. Cheng will give a keynote talk at the Big Techday 8, a one-day conference on science and technology, taking place on June 12, 2015 in Munich. His talk will be about: "Getting our brain to adopt a robotic body". [mehr]


New publication in International Journal of Social Robotics

New Publication by Agnieszka Wykowska, Jasmin Kajopoulos, Miguel Obando-Leitón, Sushil Singh Chauhan, John-John Cabibihan, Gordon Cheng: Humans are Well Tuned to Detecting Agents Among Non-agents: Examining the Sensitivity of Human Perception to Behavioral Characteristics of...[mehr]


ICS Research Seminar

In the ICS Research Seminar  Dr. Viviane Ghaderi, NST/TUM will talk about "A Biomimetic Approach to Non-Linear Signal Processing in Ultra Low Power Analog Circuits".  Abstract: The human brain has perfected the task of performing complex functions, such as...[mehr]