Hackathon at TUM May 27-29, 2019


e are forming two teams to participate in both cybathlon 2020 challenges (BCI and prosthetics) with the CyberTUM team. For that, we are organizing a hackathon event at TUM from May 27-29, to discuss milestones, and to have some external guest speakers in order to inspire students/teams and share the latest developments in BCI and prosthetics. 

Workshop Speakers are:

• Prof. Dr. Gordon Cheng (TUM)

• Prof. Dr. Stanisa Raspopovic (ETH Zurich)

• Dr. Ricardo Chavarriga (EPFL) • Nicolas Berberich, M.Sc. M.A. (RIKEN AIP, TUM, LMU)

• Zied Tayeb, M.Sc. (TUM)

• Dr. Claudio Castellini (DLR)

• Benjamin Lipp, M.A. (TUM)

• Michael Auer, DI (Ottobock Unit Upper Limb Prosthetics)

• Dr. Emanuel Carlos Dean Leon (TUM)

• Florian Bergner, M.Sc. (TUM)

• Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt (Director of AI Research, Volkswagen Group)

• Prof. Dr. Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting (Aalborg University, Denmark)

• Johannes Kühn, M.Sc. (TUM) (confirmation pending)

Download the agenda here.

All are cordially invited to participate, registration link is here.