ICS Research Seminar


In the ICS Research Seminar  Dr. Viviane Ghaderi, NST/TUM will talk about "A Biomimetic Approach to Non-Linear Signal Processing in Ultra Low Power Analog Circuits". 

Abstract: The human brain has perfected the task of performing complex functions, such as learning, memory, and cognition, in energy and area efficient manners. Therefore, it is attractive to model and replicate this performance in biomimetic systems. Applications for which such models are essential include implantable electronics that replace certain brain functions damaged by diseases or injury, and neuromorphic architectures for novel high-speed, low power computing. In this talk I will address the hardware challenges of fully implantable systems and will propose an analog biomimetic systems approach for an energy and area efficient implementation using subthreshold CMOS signal processing units.   

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13 May 2015, 10:45 h 

ICS media room, Karlstr. 45, 2nd floor