Picture of Mohsen Kaboli

M.Sc. Mohsen Kaboli

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Cognitive Systems (Prof. Cheng)

Postal address

Karlstraße 45/II
80333 München

Research Interests

We learn much of our tactile perception by interacting with the environment. Observing tactual exploration of human, we carefully interact with the objects in the world, repeatedly trying to pick up an object, learning to perceive the world through our skin. Most of the research in tactile sensing has focused on building and characterizing tactile sensors. Very little work has been done on robot learning from tactile sensors. Such issues are important for robots to be able to learn autonomously and to interact safe with the environment i.e. without causing any harm to it or to the objects with which it is interacting.

My research focus is robot learning from multimodal sensory artificial skin or tactile sensors. In this context, I am using feedback information from electronic skin provided on robot body parts, to learn a robot to acquire human-like skills for fast environment exploration and safe interaction with human through learning algorithms.

Potential research directions and applications emerging from this area are:

  • Research on robot learning for whole body naturally motion by exploiting feed back from electronic skin suit of robots.
  • To learn robots, from multimodal sensory skin to handle and manipulate unknown objects with close contact in humans without hurting.

Currently, I am exploiting a robotic manipulator with a multimodal electronic skin covered end-effector for tacitly surface exploration and fast and smooth reaction in unknown cluttered space.



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