Students present their work at CBS 2019


Students presenting their papers at the CBS conference 2019.

Last week, the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems CBS 2019 took place in Munich and a few students presented their work at the conference. Here are some pictures of their presentations:

• A prototype of a P300 based brain-robot interface to enable multi-modal interaction for patients with limited mobility. Jonas F. Braun, Germán Díez Valencia, Stefan K. Ehrlich, Pablo Lanillos, Gordon Cheng

• Tactile Hallucinations on Artificial Skin Induced by Homeostasis in a Deep Boltzmann Machine. Michael Deistler, Yagmur Yener, Florian Bergner, Pablo Lanillos, Gordon Cheng arxiv:

• A comparative study on adaptive subject-independent classification models for zero-calibration error-potential decoding. Florian M. Schönleitner, Lukas Otter, Stefan K. Ehrlich, Gordon Cheng.