Doctoral Seminar ICS, CNE, HRC

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Umfang2 SWS
SemesterWintersemester 2019/20
Stellung in StudienplänenSiehe TUMonline
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Speaker Date Title Materials
Florian Bergner, ICS and Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera, ICSOctober 23, 16:30h"Evaluation of a Large-Scale Event-Driven Robot Skin"and "Pressure-Driven Body Compliance Using Robot Skin"Abstract
George Mesesan   November 20, 16:30hDynamic Walking on Compliant and Uneven Terrain using DCM and Passivity-based Whole-body ControlAbstract
Jonas Braun & Michael Deistler  CNE/TUMNovember 27, 16:30hTimescales of predictability as a tool to analyse neuronal dynamics in V1 and CA1 Analysing perturbations in neuroscience models using simulation-based inference



Dr. Alexandre Janot, ONERA December 4, 16:30h On the identification of industrial robots: from a standard approach to most sophisticated techniques Abstract
Matteo Pantano, HCR/TUM, Siemens AG  December 11, 16:30h Design of a Cyber-Physical System for flexible Human Robot Collaboration Abstract
No semiarDecember 18, 2019
No seminarJanuary 8, 2020
Alana Irene Darcher, Tamara Müller/CNEJanuary 15, 2020Investigating single neuron activity from humans during naturalistic, continuous stimulation
No seminarFebruary 5,2020



Reserved for CNEFebruary 12,2020
Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana, TUM

February 19, 2020, 16:30h


Influence of brain oscillations on continual perception and performanceAbstract & Bio
Stefan Ehrlich, ICSMarch 4, 16:30h